Launched: April 1, 2008
Scanless PCI
The Fastest, Least Intrusive, and Cost Effective PCI Certification Available.
Scanless PCI is faster and less intrusive to deploy, yet is as effective as competitive solutions for a fraction of the cost. Achieve PCI certification today in minutes!
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Scanless PCI
What is Scanless PCI?
Quite simply, it's the fastest, least intrusive, most cost effective PCI certification on the market. Our patent-pending scanless technology is just as effective as any PCI certification on the market, but far less costly to deploy and maintain.

How does it work?

Our patent-pending scanless certification technology quickly, and easily, evaluates your organization from our data centers and provides you the most current PCI certification available. Due to our close relationship with industry insiders your certification is never out of date, and guaranteed as valid and as effective as any competing solution. Due to our cost effectiveness, many organizations are able to evaluate and certify more frequently than with competing solutions. Scanless PCI also guarantees our non-intrusive process requires no changes to your technology infrastructure.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. Unlike competing solutions, Scanless PCI guarantees our prices and will never attempt to hold your certification hostage until you purchase additional services. We only provide our Scanless Certification, and refuse to use PCI as an excuse to sell you unnecessary products and services at inflated costs.

Will I be secure?

Scanless PCI guarantees, in writing, that you will be just as secure from hackers and other bad guys as any other competing solution on the market.

Will I have to buy any new technology to be compliant?

Never. Scanless PCI requires no changes to your technology infrastructure or business process.

What's the process?

Just copy/paste the code on the right into your website and we'll take care of the rest. Our patent-pending Scanless technology will then evaluate your site and your PCI Compliant Certificate will be displayed right on page.

How can you do this?

We at Scanless PCI believe the certification process should reflect the realities of today's business and security markets. We developed our patent-pending technology to provide the highest levels of service and industry-standard PCI certification. We believe the certification process should never interfere with your ability to do business, nor be nothing more than an excuse to sell you unnecessary products and services. We've pared down PCI compliance to it's essence, offering industry-standard certification, and nothing more.

Lowest price. Guaranteed!
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Once the code is pasted into your site, Scanless PCI will activate our patent-pending scanless technology and determine your PCI compliance. You will be provided with a PCI Compliance Certificate displayed proudly on your page. Scanless PCI guarantees that said certification meets all industry standards and offers the same benefits as competing scan-based solutions.

The Scanless PCI service is offered so long as the code remains visible on your page, with continued certification contingent on image placement and no renewal required. Scanless PCI guarantees complete confidentiality and your information will not be used to solicit additional products or services.

In the event of a security breach during the certification period, Scanless PCI will pay damages according to industry averages, as determined in binding arbitration. Scanless PCI guarantees to meet or exceed the standards of our competitors.

Scanless PCI is for compliance with the Pooma Card Industry Data Security Standard, and compliance with other standards or regulations is not offered nor implied.

Media & Testimonials
Several highly respected industry experts and media outlets have publicly acknowleged Scanless PCI for its ingenuity and foresight. Many others are witnessing the value that Scanless PCI offers.
"To my amazement I left the site completely convinced that their offering is every bit as effective at stopping hackers as other ASVs we’ve discussed here in the past." Jeremiah Grossman
"We can finally stop having discussions about the value of PCI, because there is a new product on the market that solves all the business needs." RSnake -
“Rejoice!!! Scanless PCI is here! - You’re PCI certified. No fuss, no muss.” Nathan McFeters – ZDnet Blog
I’m sold, and Securosis is now PCI compliant!Rich Mogull – Securosis
Now everyone can take credit cards to the satisfaction of PCI DSS. I'm so excited! Russ McRee
Today we witnessed something better, more cost effective, faster, least intrusive and for the best part Hackathology
"Getting PCI certified used to be like skiing a double black diamond blindfolded, but now compliance is like a bunny hill." Bill Pennington has finally gotten the business model correct for PCI Compliance. Mark Palmer
"Finally I can rest assured that my customer's PII is safe. Thanks Scanless PCI!" Robert Auger